Erasmus+ KA2 Cooperation partnership in the field of youth which aims to provide youth workers with the skills, knowledge and resources they need to effectively support young migrants and refugees in their journey towards educational inclusion and integration into society. It also aims to develop tools and resources for young refugees and migrants with low or interrupted education to support their integration into the host country and secure their social, cultural and economic inclusion.


To develop an educational package for youth workers to develop the skills and competences of young migrants and refugees with inadequate or postponed formal education.

To build digital tools to provide young migrants and refugees with high-quality training and learning opportunities tailored to their specific needs for digital readiness

To create an Educational and Career Guide to direct young migrants and refugees to make informed decisions on their education and promote their steady transition to the labour market and smooth sociocultural integration

To develop a Practical Guide to Resilience to help young migrants and refugees to cope with mental health distress which prevents them from thriving in educational environments.

To raise awareness among stakeholders on the importance of literacy skills development, cultural competences acquisition, and digital readiness to ensure the smooth transition of young migrants and refugees to the formal educational system.

Target groups

  • Youth organisations supporting young migrants and refugees to successfully integrate into their new societies.
  • Youth workers working with migrant and refugee youth with inadequate or postponed formal education, in different educational settings.
  • Policymakers and government officials who play a role in the education and integration of migrant and refugee youth in their host countries.
  • Young refugees and migrants with inadequate or postponed formal education who are currently enrolled in educational programs or in need of educational support.


  • IncludeME Educational Package and Training Course
  • IncludeME Digital Tools (eLEarning Platform and learning pills)
  • IncludeME Educational and Career Guide
  • IncludeME Practical Guide to Resilience
  • International training for 18 youth workers
  • Local training of youth workers
  • Multiplier events